Machine Learning on Demand - MLoD. 

Everyone uses some kind of bidding tech to optimise their bids, but if you consider that bidding tech is trying to optimise against an avergage conversion rate of 3% in E-commerce, that leaves 97% unadresssed. Like Bookmakers, Bid Tech tells you the odds on every horse in a race, but the reality is there's only going to be one winner and two will place, so the rest of the bids are completely wasted! Our MLoD works across ALL Google products, Search, Display and Shopping.  

Google and other bid tech only identifies zero converting keywords and search terms - MLoD identifies ALL zero converting data points which have never converted and are likely never to convert.

We've looked at hundreds of Google Ads Accounts and between 10-30% of ALL spend has never resulted in a conversion, but Google and even premium ad tech like Double Click simply can't identify this. 

MLoD is the safest of all bid modifications you can make, based on data points that haven't converted and are highly unlikely to ever convert. You might bet on a horse once, twice, maybe even ten times, but would you be willing to bet on it tens, or hundreds of times with zero wins? We do not set an arbitrary click limit, each limit is calculated on the actual account. 

MLoD safely removes zero conversion data points without negatively impacting on sales - would you like to maintain sales whilst saving upto 30% of your budget?

We believe the 'Yin to the Bid Tech Yang' is MLoD, one can't work optimally without the other. If you're on one of our Managed or SaaS packages, you'll get MLoD as standard with our Bid Tech, but if you're happy with your Agency/Bid Tech MLoD is a great way to make your Bid Tech far more effective. 

If you don't remove the monthly spend identified, it will continue - indefinitely  - at the same level each month - so long as the same level of spend and types of service/product are maintained. 

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How to use MLoD

All you need is your Google Ads account details and you're good to go. Enter them into the secure, safe account connection, managed by Google, to get your free report with account savings and analysis. If you want to action the savings simply click and pay for the report to be actioned. You'll see all the data points that have been stopped in the Change Control of your Google Ads account. Come back and check it for free 30 days later to see which one of the scenarios below you fall into. If you prefer you can choose a monthly contract which you can cancel at any time.

No Credit Card details are required to run the free audit report.  The connection to your account is securely managed by Google.

Possible MLoD scenarios 

Reduce spend by upto 30% with no negative impact on sales

We recognise that in some accounts the zero conversions have built up over time and a single use of MLoD will free up spend to decrease budget for several months whilst the zero conversion data points gradually build back up in the account. Our free Audit tool report will show you your all time savings as well as your monthly savings. If you re-check the audit tool in a months time after you've enabled your MLoD savings and there's very little saving to be made, there's no need for you to be on a contract. Just keep checking back periodically until the zero conversions have built back up to the point that it's worth removing them again, and enjoy the reduction in Google Spend in the meanwhile. Get your free audit here

Remove zero conversion data spend, but free up budget to attract more search terms to your account. 

In accounts where your Google Ads campaigns have been budget deprived (where you see "limited by budget warnings") , we see when the zero converting data points are removed that this provides more budget to allow more new search terms to be served against the campaigns. Some of these will convert and some won't. Depending on how large the limited by budget was you may need to use MLoD more frequently until the campaigns no longer show "limited by budget". In which case we would recommend you take a monthly subscription of MLoD, which you can cancel at any time. Get your free audit here.

Savings of less than 10% identified 

We know, from auditing 100's of accounts that the minimum savings should be 10%. If your audit result is less than 10% it could be for the following reasons 

  • You have large product groups which are hiding the savings, we recommend that you move to a more granular structure so the true savings can be identified.
  • Your own brand keywords and search terms dominate your generic keywords and searches.
  • You use a weighted attribution model with a very high conversion rate (typical in lead generation websites). 
  • You have a well established account, with a steady service/product range and plenty of budget to have served all the relevant search terms/keywords over time. 

Savings of more than 30% identified 

Very large savings are always a concern and immediately flags to us that there may be a problem with your tracking. It's probably either broken or tracking conversions not conversion values,.

Talk to us about our ITS (Intelligent Tracking Solution) to ensure your high value offline and phone and form fill conversion values are being captured.  Our tech will add the conversion value back to the Ad it originated from so you can really see where to spend your advertising budget. 

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