SaaS self service tool

If you spend between £3,000-£30,000 per month, our self service SaaS tool is perfect for you.

Dream Agility clients have experienced amazing results with the enterprise services. At Google’s behest, Dream Agility has now created an easy to use, SaaS (Software as a Service) version of their multi-award-winning enterprise solution. The SaaS platform is the most advanced Google Shopping product on the market. With our easy sign up process you'll be up and running in no time. 

  • Simply enter your credit card details and Google Credentials,
  • Follow the wizard to get your inventory feed hooked up to our system,
  • Learn and implement best practise feed optimisations 
  • Then let bidding genius and  MLoD, manage your bid recommendations and  negatives strategy. 
  • Use The Always On to; do split testing of products, change individual product details, or interrogate your feed.
  • The Dashboard is the utlimate tool to track your best sellers and the products which cost you the most money on Google, to make sure that you're always in control of the biggest levers in your account. 

The tools in Dream Agility SaaS are not available anywhere else, all our software is proprietary, it outperforms every SaaS Shopping solution that we have come across and is one of the reasons we were selected to be one of only 200 Google Channel Sales Partners Globally. it's a must-have for any ambitious online retailer.

Inventory Dashboard

Track metrics of all your best performing, highest cost and highest revenue products. View stock levels over time and see lost sales from zero stock.

Always On

Make on-the-fly optimisations to your feed at a product level with a real-time link to merchant center.

Inventory Feed Mapper

Optimise your product feed at scale with our intuitive mapper.

 Bidding Genius and Machine Learning on Demand (MLoD)

The same MLoD found in our audit tool comes as standard in Dream Agiltiy SaaS, saving advertisers money every month that they didn't even know they were wasting. It goes beyond negative keywords and search terms to identify the negative converting data points, across your whole account, shopping and search (typically between 10-30% of spend!). Our bidding recommendations run our propritary reports and give results beyond what you could hope to achieve on just Google Ads recommendaitons or other bidding or shopping software of the same ilk.