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Insurance and Financial Services PPC Services

Increase The Quality, Conversion Rate And Value Of Your Insurance And Financial Services Leads.

We have delighted customers all over the US and Europe, with happy motivated sales teams, converting leads at a rate they never have before. We work with our clients to increase the quality, conversion rate, and sales value of their leads, scaling success and removing the time-wasters from their sales funnel. Working in a continuous improvement loop, using our machine learning you’ll get industry beating results for your PPC and Lead Generation.

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Discover Where Your Leads Are Actually coming From.

Some companies  have an idea where their customers are orginating from, but then are surprised to see it’s not the source they thought that’s initiated the sale. Our platform tracks everyones source, organic, Google PPC, Microsoft  PPC,  Facebook, Instagram, etc regardless of how long it takes them to convert to a sale. This way you can see the true shape of your sales funnel and influence it according to your PPC budget and business objectives.

Lead Generation Technology

How to get rid of bad or expensive sales leads

We discover every touchpoint and demographic for you, using our Machine Learning to eliminate the bad leads and build you a scalable funnel of leads that convert at a decent sales value and ROAS. Like peeling away the layers of an onion, we keep peeling away the poor performance, keeping your sales team motivated and your ROI buoyant.

How to increase your Sales, Leads and conversions from PPC

Most Insurance and Financial Services Lead Generation optimise for form fills, but as you know not all form fills result in quality sales. Not only that, but if you’ve optimised for form fills instead of actual customer sales values, you’re guaranteeing to have poor quality lower converting leads. Leaving your sales team to have to try and convert or filter out time wasters. We use Artificial Intelligence and move away from meaningless CPL targets to actual sales value targets. By using actual sales conversion values (not just form fills) we can prevent your PPC budget being spent on poor quality/non converting leads and allocate your PPC budget to the kind of customers who convert quicker at better sales values. Watch the video for the secret sauce.

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Common Problems with Insurance and Financial Services PPC Lead Generation.

With some clicks in excess of £50 per click, never mind a form fill or lead conversion, you can quickly run up a massive Google Bill with little to show for it. This is because Google recommends that advertisers give an arbitrary value per conversion on a form fill, this quickly tells you how much you’re spending on form fills but not how much value you’re getting from those forms. They make this recommendation due to the limitations within Google for them to track sales values, our tech fills this void. Facebook also has its own unique way of elevating sales values, not based on actual sales. If the figures from the Search Engines were to be believed everyone would be making a fortune! Simply defending the performance of an account based on using Google’s recommended method doesn’t cut it anymore, when tech like ours can connect the dots and deliver actual results. 

Financial services PPC Case Study

With a six-figure monthly PPC budget, with only notional conversion values to show for the spend in Google Ads, we were able to transform actual sales by adding in actual sales values to scale the lead funnel. 






Conversion Rate

A 401% increase in revenue and 209% increase in conversion rate was achieved.

They had previously been tracking form conversions but not customer sales values, using our Lead Gen AI service has transformed performance in record time in an increasingly competitive market with sky-high PPC rates. Our tech enabled them to track the actual sales values of customers without disclosing any personally identifiable or confidential information and is GDPR and CCPA compliant.



How we Improve Insurance and Finance services' PPC

By seeing what size and where the actual sales values were in the account, we were able to use our AI (MLoD)  to eliminate the zero converting and sub CPA converting words/leads. Massive hikes in PPC price per click pushed by large global competitors – with extremely deep pockets – made the market super competitive. We were able to bid more aggressively by using our Bidding Genius, only bidding where we saw the most success. 

If we only had conversions to use as a proxy, we would still have seen an increase in sales and conversions but not as large as sales values let us achieve. You can see from the report how Lead AI and Bidding Genius used in combination drive exponential sales, conversion rates, and conversions, year on year.

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