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Bridging The Gap Between Search Terms, Leads And Actual Revenue

Want to build high performance, scalable Lead Generation pipelines or grow high value offline e-commerce sales? With our Lead AI you can join the dots between your Google, Bing and Facebook spend. Attribute sales values to keywords and search terms that make the phone ring and forms fill, then increase ROAS and accelerate the most profitable/high value/quickly converting sales

Lead Generation Technology


What does Lead AI do?

It not only lets you track the original source from your sales/leads, but it also passes the sales value back into Google/Bing/Facebook so you can optimise your sales funnel more effectively.  By using the sales value $£ as opposed to just the conversion it gives you a true reflection of the efficacy of your advertising spend and enables you to optimise underperformance and accelerate growth in the number and quality of your leads. Enhanced up with our award-winning proprietary tech to manage your spend, it is an unbeatable combination on our Managed Paid Search Service.


How does Lead AI Work?

Our tracking pixel passes back the details required to add the sales value to the source advertisement. This enables you to see, not only the ad, but the keywords/search terms which have converted and conversely, the ones which have not. Our cloud-based software, Lead AI’s interface, shows you the URL the lead came in on and the source (direct, Facebook, Google etc). It can also track call backs and it displays converted leads. Then our Managed Paid Search service ensures that every piece of data is acted upon to give you the highest possible performance funnel, with the best quality leads. The biggest complaints from sales teams are poor quality leads that are difficult to covert. By continually and accurately removing the poor performing keywords/ads your funnel quality and conversions consistently improve.
Dream Agility Product Suite - Lead Generation Technology - Lead AI

What does Lead AI Track?

Our Lead AI tracks customer form fills and phone calls from your website. EVERY customer is cookied regardless if they came in direct or on a paid ad. If a customer converts to a sale beyond the 90 days attribution window in Google, the sale can still be passed back as a conversion.