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increase the quality and conversion rate of your leads

We have delighted customers all over the US and Europe, with happy motivated sales teams, converting leads at a rate they never have before. We work with our clients to increase the quality and conversion rate of their leads, scaling success and removing the time wasters from their sales funnel.


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My gym SBG New Braunfels started working with Dream Agility after two years of spending nothing on advertising. We had hit a point of stagnation where our members would not increase beyond 160 for about 5 months. We saw the number of leads we received increase by astronomical numbers. We now receive 8-10 times more leads per month than we used to. The quality of our leads has been much greater as well with a higher conversion and closing rate. We used to get a lot of low quality leads before the switch to dream agility that frustratingly clogged up our sales process and waisted a lot of time. After a year of dream agility our gym member number has increased from 160 to 225. One of the things I like best about working with Dream Agility is that they are constantly monitoring our total sales process and adjusting accordingly. They often catch patterns before we do! If you have a sales process you know how important consistent eyes on the numbers are and you can’t have enough eyes. Overall a joy to work with and results have been magnificent. I try to convince every small, medium, or big business owner I know to use Dream Agility.

How we Do It

We do this by using Artificial Intelligence by applying our Lead Gen AI product to their website. Most gyms and fitness centres optimise for form fills, but as you know not all form fills result in quality sales. Not only that, but if you’ve optimised for form fills instead of actual customer sales values, you’re guaranteeing to have more of them show up in your sales funnel for your membership team to have to try and convert or filter out – wasting everyone’s time and money

Discover Where Your Leads Are Actually coming From

Some gym owners have an idea where their customers are orginating from, but then are surprised to see it’s not Facebook that’s initiated the sale. It usually starts in Google with a search for the type of gym or class they’re after, then it’ll move to Facebook or Instagram to see how alive the page is. We discover every touch point and demographic for you, getting rid of the bad leads and building you a scalable funnel of leads. Working with your team to give you a robust membership.

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Gyms we have been working with for less than a year are already looking for bigger premises.

We’ve also worked for brand new branches and got them out the blocks in record time.

Even through lockdown when gyms in the US lost 30% of their memberships with 20% saying they had no plans to go back to a gym, we dug deep and found that new supply of converting leads, using our Ai, lead Ai  and market intelligence on our clients competitors and overlapping services. 

Rory Singer - Is Peloton’s 35% loss, MMA’s 335% win?


An extraordinary combo of brains and brawn, Rory Singer, not only has a degree in Biological Engineering, but he has also gained notoriety from his appearance on The Ultimate Fighter series. 

Working with Dream Agility has been like training with a top MMA team, constant analysis of performance, iterative process, and laser like precision have been key to us growing faster than other martial arts academies – their desire to beat the competition is as strong as ours.


Once we know the exact search terms that membership sign ups are coming from via Lead AI, we then help optimise your website to rank on those money driving words on Google’s free listings. For gyms, although free listings are typically below the paid ads, on either map listings or the text listings below the maps, they allow well optimised gyms to completely dominate the top of the page where the vast majority of consumers take action. 

As people searching for classes repeatedly see your name, they become more and more likely to book an appointment or walk-in. 

We get gym websites to the top of Google by:

Using industry leading software to analyse your website, content and backlinks 

Analysing your competitors using industry leading software to identify strengths and weaknesses. 

Devising a content strategy so we can address these strengths and weaknesses.