What Google Hasn’t Told You About Implementing Performance Max.

Topics Discussed:

  • What is Google Performance Max?
  • How do Performance Max campaigns work?
  • How will Performance Max Google Ads Affect Any Other Existing Campaigns?
  • When is Performance Max going to be implemented?
  • What tracking can be used on Performance Max Ad Campaigns?
  • Learning Periods and campaign deletion  
  • What PPC Managers using an agency should look out for on Performance Max?  
  • What are we  doing with our clients that are currently on Smart Shopping?
  • Don’t want to be on Performance Max? Our advice for anybody considering moving from Smart Shopping to Traditional Shopping.
  • Visibility of Product Performance on Performance Max?
  • How to add  Negative Keywords to Your Account
  • Reporting performance by network?
  • How Can Dream Agility’s Tools Help Optimise Your Performance Max Campaigns to a superior competitive advantage?
  • How is your competition going to manage their sales?

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