Machine Learning Bidding Tech

The most advanced Bidding Tech powered by Machine Learning

The first Proprietary Machine Learning tool that recommends bidding changes across multiple Google Ads dimensions, on thousands of individual products, and at the touch of a button.

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As a Retailer viewing products as cost centres can provide valuable insights for not only online sales , but also influence foot fall on the high street too. If you know that an 'age 6 Paw Patrol bathrobe' drives foot fall all day, why treat the other sizes with the same bid? When size 8-10 mens shoes drive 80% of sales in London and the other sizes combined only drive 20, the bids need to be optimised separately to reflect this.

Our bidding tech does exactly this, using our proprietary Machine Learning to deliver you sales for the optimum price . In a world where Google is encouraging everyone onto their SMART products using their Machine Learning (which only optimises bids when you have a significant amount of conversions over a recent period of time and gives you limited/no visibility to the decisions it's making ), everyone is on a level playing field. To have a true competitive advantage you need to be considering all time data/ all dimensions with visibility over all the decisions that are being made to avoid just capitalising on your brand terms. To do this manually would not be viable or cost effective, our Machine Learning Bidding Tech, Bidding Genius, can perform this for you effortlessly and effectively.

The Bidding Genius impact

Whilst being a cost-effective way to manage your bidding, the tool tailors your bids to give optimal sales. It gives a typical uplift in the region of: 20-100% increase within weeks (On accounts with more than 5000 products being advertised) The more products you have, the more profound the results.


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