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With Returns Radar Pro, streamline your customer acquisition by identifying and avoiding those likely to cause high returns, fraud, and cancellations. The result? A significantly higher NET basket value, coupled with the added benefits of sustainability.

Don’t offset your sustainability problems, prevent them at source and increase your profits in the process. 


The rise of e-commerce has ushered in an era of increased returns, cancellations, and fraud. But it’s not just about the waste; there’s also the financial cost to your business. With Returns Radar Pro, you can be ahead of the curve. Instead of merely managing the aftermath, prevent these issues at their source. Safeguard your profit margins and, at the same time, make a responsible choice for our planet.

“18% of repeat returns value are at 100% of order value”


Avoid the trap of out-of-season returns and the subsequent need for disposing or discounting. Returns Radar Pro enables you to fine-tune your stock ordering, ensuring efficient management and better cash flow.

When you have multi size variant returners, combined with returns at the limit of the 30 day window,  you can have  out of season returned stock that’s only fit for landfill or discounters. Returns Radar Pro will help reduce the requirement for so many size variants per order, with all the benefits that brings to stock ordering, management and cashflow.

"In fast fashion 6% of all orders return more than 2 size variants of the same product"


While many businesses have a system for handling returns, Returns Radar Pro stands out by actively minimizing your interaction with high returners. This proactive approach means potentially huge savings on operational costs associated with handling returns.


Don’t fall into the trap of overvaluing conversions that lead to increased returns and cancellations. Instead of focusing solely on conventional metrics, use Returns Radar Pro to hone in on customers with genuine purchasing intent, ensuring you get true value from your advertising budget.


It’s a managed, bolt on service to your paid search, utilising our tech on your website. We can either provide both services or just the Returns radar pro.

Reducing Red Dress Returns By 50%

Red Dress has been a client of Dream Agility for several years and has enjoyed double digit uplifts in sales without the corresponding increases in advertising costs. Their figures in Google looked outstanding, but they would because they’re the gross sales! During one of our business reviews we asked if there was anything keeping them awake at night and they said “Returns”. Like many online retailers, their return rate had increased significantly since lockdown. Analysis of their returns data was quite a surprise. There’s always going to be an element of returns, that’s unavoidable, but which buckets were the returners falling into. We find each client is different depending on their sector. First, we need to identify the profile of the returners, then we need to establish how many of them are being acquired from paid search. From there we can decide what profile of returner is acceptable, and which ones we don’t wish to acquire from paid search.

We Discovered
20% of returners, return 100% of their order.
We Discovered
The worst returners have an AOV that is 25% higher than the average basket value.
We Discovered
The worst returners order 62% more items than your best Net basket value customers.
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We made several recommendations to support the reduction of returns. What we saw in Google Ads using Net Basket Values was a very different picture. Google spend reduced, gross sales reduced, but net sales were far higher, with lower operational costs. With the new baseline in Google Ads for Net Basket Values (as opposed to Gross Values) we were able to optimise the account for the better margin customers, who return less. With returns levels dropping from 30% – 37% to 8% -19%, it had a significant effect not only on the sales, but profitability too.

We put several recommendations in place that we forecast
Would generate an extra $2m in income, at lower Google Ad spend and lower operating costs,
We put several recommendations in place that we forecast
It would save them 950kgs of excess CO2 per month due to needless avoidable return journeys
We put several recommendations in place that we forecast
It would save 170kg of waste plastic per month on products likely to be returned.
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Q. What can Returns Radar Pro tackle to give better NET basket values?

A. It’s designed to work on preventing acquiring bad returners, customers who cancel contracts and those who commit fraud.

Q. How do I get started with Returns Radar Pro?

A. Get in touch and we’ll give you a call to run through your options for an initial audit to quantify the size of your problem, quick wins and long term gains.

Q. Do you require customer details to perform the audit?

A. No, we can do the audit without any personally identifiable information. 

Q. I have a fraud/cancellation solution in place which credit scores customers, how does this differ?

A. Returns radar pro is pro actively aiming NOT to acquire the types of customers who, from your previous acquisition data, are likely to cancel or commit fraud. We’re looking to eliminate these people from your pipeline so they’re not even making it to your in cart/post purchase checks. They can still access your site via SEO, but you won’t be paying for paid search ads to attract them in the first place.

Q.I have other returns solutions in place, why would I need Returns Radar pro? 

A. Most businesses have some kind of returns management to deal with returns after the event, you may have sizing technology to help reduce returns by sending out better sizes. Neither of these stop serial returners with low or zero net basket values.  Returns Radar Pro is different in that it is proactively preventing  High Level Returners and people likely to be High Level Returners  being targeted by your online advertising. They can still access your site via SEO or if you have them on email lists, but you won’t be paying for paid search to attract them in the first place.

Q. Isn’t having more than one returns solution in place overkill?

A. Different returns solutions have different functions, we’re helping prevent you paying to advertise online to the 20% or so of returns customers who return 100% of their order. Whilst also identifying your VIP customers so your ad spend can be targeted at increasing those high net basket values. By reducing the amount of unnecessary returns from your worst returners your fees for processing returns with your other returns solutions could also be reduced.

Q. What reductions can I expect to see in wasted packaging and emissions?

A. This depends on how much of your returns funnel you want to attack. We will work out during the audit process how much packaging is being unnecessarily wasted, and how big the emissions are that can be saved  as part of the benchmark,  for this part of the returns funnel. And we’ll monitor performance against this section of the funnel on a monthly basis. However, as your VIP demographic is identified and targeted we would expect to see  an increase in customers with higher net basket values, so you may not see a direct reduction in the packaging purchased or emissions on outgoing deliveries. Overall as a metric per customer the waste and emissions will improve.

Q. What’s the integration process? 

A. It’s different depending on which e-commerce platform you are on. For the likes of Shopify we have an App extension, for Magento and other installations we will work with your development team to integrate our solution. 

Q. When will I start seeing results?

A. Returns and returners can be seasonal, e.g. men buying presents which are returned at Christmas, Valentines, Mothers day, Thanksgiving, etc. Your serial returners will be on year round. So depending on when you start in terms of your seasonal returns variations and your volume of returns, will impact how quickly you see a change. The higher the rate of returns, the sooner you can expect to see results. 

Q. What is your pricing?

A. There is a cost to the audit,  which is time dependent. The larger the sample size and the more variables you’d like included, will take more time to process. We will quote you dependant on your requirements. 

The is a one off set up fee for installing our technology on your site, and integration with your advertising platforms. We will quote you dependant on your requirements  

There is a monthly management fee for processing your data, generating reports and having a dedicated account manager to work on your NIP’s reduction, VIP attraction, Sustainability increase and NET basket increase strategy. This fee depends on where you’re advertising and the volume of traffic we have to process. We will quote you for this once we have completed an audit.