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Structure Builder

Our structure builder ensures the best structure of your data to get relevant products to show for searches to give visibility of good and poorly performing products. Whether you’re on Performance Max or standard Google Shopping, the structure of your account will make a big difference to your Sales and ROAS.

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Our structure builder was designed to cope with millions of products and thousands of brands and categories or anything else we want to structure it by.

Our Visual AI for fashion and apparel uses a unique blend of attributes and enriched titles and descriptions to not only make a highly accurate feed, but to put it into a structure that will increase performance. This is especially critical for Google's Performance Max Campaign's as there is so little you can control and optimise, that the biggest differentiator you can effect is the structure of your feed in order to serve more of the correct products for searches.

Due to the limitations on the mechanisms that enable Googles Machine learning to work, the structures that Google recommends helps their machine learning to work on your account, but gives you no control over what’s going to show or which products you’d like to promote more.


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