Dream Agility Product Suite - Visual AI

visual ai

We’re the only feed optimiser in the sector to incorporate Visual AI in the enrichment of your inventory feed. With up to 30% sales uplift being left on the table due to suboptimal attribute enrichment, can you afford to not to have it? As Google's Performance Max is the industry standard now, your options for standing out on the Shopping Search results are limited. If you’re using Google's Search 360 it’s even more limited as it’s not compatible with Performance Max yet. Considering our research shows up to 40% of fields in an optimised feed contain errors and a 30% uplift in sales is possible with an error free, attribute rich feed, Visual AI is a must to get the best possible data and results.


Dream Agility Product Suite - Visual AI (DAIV)

How’s our Visual AI feed enrichment optimisation different to other feed optimisers?

Other feed optimisation providers don’t have integrated Visual AI facilities that have been trained to a very high degree of confidence on the attributes that drive multiple conversions on Google Shopping, Bing, Facebook, and Instagram. Some feed optimisation solutions have text AI solutions, but they can’t reference what doesn’t exist in the data and they can’t ‘see’ the images to add data.

Our Visual AI solution looks at your product images to select the most relevant image and then picks relevant attributes and suggests them in the highest converting combinations.

What drives the degree of accuracy is our proprietary labelling tool. As new attributes emerge on the fashion scene we can quickly create a model for it with a high level of confidence to ensure that your products are front and centre for searches for the latest attributes.

Multilingual Interface

The user interface is currently available in English and French, and the platform is capable of working with all characters, so any language is possible. Pre-PIM AI currently works with Men’s and Women’s apparel, accessories, and shoes.


Why would I need extra attributes in my product titles and descriptions?

Most product or inventory feeds are taken from the data on the product page on your website. Your marketing team goes to great lengths to ensure you have unique content for SEO purposes, to reflect your brand and to give your customers the best experience.

When customers are already on your web page they can see all the attributes by viewing the product image, so there’s no need to clutter the page with them and state the obvious.

However, when you’re trying to get that product to trigger for a search on Google for a new customer, Google is reliant on information in the search query to match the information in your product feed to get your product to show on Google Shopping. People who are ready to buy know the attributes they’re looking for and search for them. If you had a product called “The daisy fun time dress” it's not obvious what the length, sleeve type, neck type, colour or style is. It may be a yellow, short sleeved maxi dress with a round neck, but Google can’t tell that from the title in your feed and it certainly won’t trigger for someone looking for a “yellow short sleeved maxi dress”.

More relevant data not only increases visibility on Google Shopping, it increases sales and ROAS.

How much potential sales uplift is in your feed?

We offer a free feed audit where we highlight: 

  • Errors in your feed which aren’t triggering warnings in Merchant Centre but will impact negatively on sales. i.e. Fields with incorrect data in them. 
  • Data which does not match the image in your feed.
  • Attributes not identified in your feed.
  • Violations which are stopping products being served which can be fixed by our technology.
  • The potential uplift from fixing/improving all of the above.