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The Power Of Location Bidding In Google Shopping Campaigns



Dream Agility clients see noticeable increases in their Google Shopping performance for a number of reasons.

But client services manager Gareth Chadwick believes the data generated by the Dream Agility platform, which details an advertiser’s campaign in almost 1,000 different locations across the UK, is a key factor.

The power of location bidding is real, and Chadwick insists that savvy retailers are quickly realising the importance of geographic assessments.

Chadwick said: “You can make assumptions – for example, you might believe that cities, where there’s a lot of apartment living, might not be strong areas for gardening sales – but the platform can support or disprove your assumption with actual data.

“The platform details many performance indicators in each location across the country, giving you genuine insights on which to build your bidding strategy.”

For Chadwick, it is that level of detail that is key.

He added: “The algorithms behind the platform mean we can give you a much clearer view about which locations are performing, because we can generate far more accurate data than most. You can then choose to bid up, bid down, or keep your bids where they are for just about every town in the country – all based on the specific data we provide. So as a result you’re spending in the right areas and reducing costs in those areas that don’t convert.

“This works across every client, but in some particular sectors the findings we’re generating are really quite stark. They’re helping clients make a big impact on their Google Shopping campaigns.”

Is there a way forward for those wanting to make a start with gathering their own location-bidding data?

“You do have a certain level of data in Adwords,” said Chadwick, “but our platform analyses that data and provides actionable insight.

“It allows you to look at things like clicks, impressions, conversions, cost, ROAS, cost-per-conversions, total conversion value, and profit and loss, for thousands of locations on each individual campaign (in both shopping and text ads), and then makes a recommended bid modification for each of those locations.”