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Dream Agility Tasked With Driving The Growth Of Quality Gardening Supplies


Ramsbottom-based Google Shopping specialists Dream Agility have agreed a deal with leading garden retailer Quality Garden Supplies to help power the Staffordshire business’s growth during 2016.

Quality Garden Supplies will use Dream Agility’s unique software platform, and the resulting analysis and advice, to secure higher conversions and lower spends on its Google Shopping campaigns.

Quality Garden Supplies managing director Ben Jackson said: “Dream Agility’s platform was a completely different proposition to agencies coming in and saying they can manage campaigns purely through Excel – the level of data Dream Agility can produce just doesn’t compare.

“We’ve not seen anyone who can dynamically optimize a feed, rather than simply mapping one, in a similar way to Dream Agility.

“We’re looking forward to strengthening our partnership and working with them closely over the coming months.”

Quality Garden Supplies offers a huge range of garden supplies, from topsoil, gravel, and bark products, through to garden lawn turf, to both public and trade customers.

Dream Agility chief executive Elizabeth Clark said: “Earlier this year our research found British garden retailers are missing out on huge sums of extra revenue through ineffective online advertising, so it’s great to be working with a company who can see the opportunity in front of them.

“So many garden retailers are failing to understand – and maximise – their online advertising, but we’ll be making sure Quality Garden Supplies don’t fall into that trap.”

Ramsbottom-based Dream Agility built the first dedicated tool to allow online advertisers to control and optimise their spend, conversion and ROI.