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Uk And South Korea: A Winning Collaboration


Dream Agility beat a selection of companies, from 5 difference continents, to win the 2017 Global Tech Challenge Award at the Bounce Busan Global Conference.

The competition was delivered in front of an audience of 500 and concluded a daylong conference that featured keynote speeches and panel discussions. Established by the Korean government, the event was the first of many and aims to help build relations between international start-ups and investors.

Those behind the Bounce Busan Global Conference have a grand vision. Much like Finland, the Netherlands and L.A they intend to promote the city as ‘start-up hub’ and provide a platform for world leading innovation, opening the market to companies with ambitions far beyond their domestic environment.

This notion characterises Dream Agility’s outlook. As a cloud-based machine learning AdTech, the company recognises that it doesn’t have to reign itself in, geographically. The South Korean honour, therefore, was received with the utmost gratitude.

VP of Technology, Daniel Wardin, was in attendance to deliver the winning pitch and receive the £10,000 prize. Pitted against 20 ground-breaking Tech start-ups, ranging from a wearable baby health monitor company to a voice messaging app business, his winning presentation elaborated on the Dream Agility Platform.

With it’s Patent Pending, 2nd generation, advertising technology the company optimises product data for online retailers, Lead Gen and Travel companies. This delivers extraordinary uplifts in revenue, without the manual labour.
Given the range of IT based talent on display, it was an impressive win. Daniel comments:

“It’s a huge win, especially in Korea where the AdTech adoption is quite small and the companies still employ the manual
approach to advertising.

I believe we’re experiencing the beginning of a big shift in the advertising industry in Korea, moving away from the manual
work and embracing the power of automation, big data and machine learning.”

This win not only represents the enthusiasm South Korea has for artificial intelligence and machine learning, but also it’s desire to use fresh ideas that are developed in the UK.  Now is the time for others to follow, particularly as 2011’s EU-Korea Free Trade Agreement allows non- Korean companies to enter their market with relative ease.

Having spent time exploring the business community in South Korea, Dream Agility’s VP of Tech sees the country’s 4th industrial revolution taking shape:

“I’m super excited to be here and spearhead this transition to help guide the industry in the right direction.”