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Another record year for Dream Agility Clients

After we launched MLoD in Nov 2018 and we saw triple figure increases in some of the biggest  brands, including Samsung, Chemist Warehouse and Music Magpie, we thought it was going to be hard to make an impression on sales after a jump like that.

In 2019/20 our average client year on year  increase in sales was 38% and increase in ROAS was 49%, which we, and the clients, were delighted with.

Then covid struck, some clients temporarily paused accounts, one went into administration after being bought by a bigger group, but then the shock subsided and the ones that were allowed to trade got back on with things to find the market was theirs for the taking.

The 2020/21 year on year average figures for the same companies delivered:

  • 48% increase in Sales
  • 42% increase in ROAS
  • costs  only increased 4%,
  • 22% decrease in CPC
  • 33% increase in clicks

We were delighted they enjoyed great performance, all  the while knowing that their competitors were being squeezed hard, because without the benefit of MLoD constantly removing waste and underperforming spend to improve ROAS and Sales, they were having to bid hard to match their bids  across their entire account and not just on the 3-10% that converts well.

As Google is hiding more and more of the converting search terms, hindering your ability to use it positively,  it’s never been as important to be on top of the 97% of spend which hasn’t converted. Scripts and free tools will never make the dent in the non converting words that an all time data machine learning too like MLoD can. And I think the figures talk for themselves!

If you’d like to do yourself a free audit, or if you want to know how tools like MLoD or our Managed Service can boost your Sales and ROAS, please drop us a line.