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5 Strategies To Improve Lead Generation For Gyms

Effective Ways to Boost Gym Membership Leads For Gyms.

1) Googles Free Listings

Your gym’s Google My Business (GMB) listing is the online face of your gym. When people search for gyms in their area, or even your gym explicitly, it’s likely to be the first thing they see. When locals search phrases like “best MMA gym in Manchester” a list of gyms appears at the top of the search results. Local listings usually show right after only one or two ads, so it’s an effective free way to send traffic to your website.

Google also favors local businesses on Google maps for local search terms over blog posts and fitness websites with no local presence, so it is important to set up your account to improve your gym membership sales.

As part of our managed service for gyms and fitness clubs, we handle the setup of your Google My Business account and local SEO (search engine optimization).

2) Educate Your Customers – Create Content Around Your Results

Creating valuable content for your customers should be a key component of your digital marketing strategy. Writing relevant blog posts on topics that align with your lead’s interests will not only improve your gym’s SEO but will also increase your overall online authority on the subject, further strengthening your relationship with the lead.

Good quality, relevant content will rank on Google search for terms that relate to your content. For example, if your business is a martial arts gym and you offer BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) Classes, writing a blog post that discusses a key area of BJJ would be an effective way of getting your website to rank on Google search, further improving your Gyms SEO.

3) PPC For Gyms - Set up a PPC Campaign

What is PPC For Gyms?

PPC stands for pay-per-click online advertising.

PPC for gyms is pay-per-click online advertising for gyms and fitness centers. Running a PPC Campaign is a good way to drive traffic to your website, however, it is easy to waste money when your PPC ads are shown to the wrong people. It is essential to have a PPC marketing strategy that’s tailored to your objectives, whether that’s more landing page views, or form fills. It is also important to understand your target audience so you target your ads at the right people.

4) Set Up Your Tracking

It’s important to find out where your leads are coming from, whether it be a specific Google Ads campaign or a Facebook AD. Without tracking, it’s impossible to know which part of your digital marketing strategy is working.

To get started tracking a Google Ads Campaign, you need to create a Google Analytics Account. Connecting Google Ads to your Google Analytics account will allow you to better understand your customer’s behavior on the website after they clicked on one of your Ads.

Although Google Analytics allows you to track which Google Ad the lead clicked on before filling in a form, it doesn’t show any previous interactions that the lead may have had with your PPC campaigns. 

The Dream Agility tracking pixel tells you where your Leads are actually coming from so you can optimize your Ad Spend and allocate your money to the right places. ( Read Below )

Dream Agility Tracking Pixel

Whats Different about what we do?

Our Technology discovers every touch point and demographic for you, getting rid of the bad leads and building you a scalable funnel of leads.

Our tracking pixel tags every customer, regardless of how long they take to convert and passes back the conversion value when they eventually sign. This ensures all sales in your funnel are accounted for so you can optimise for more of the same good quality customers.

When Google Chrome finally blocks cookies in 2023, we’ve got you covered with our cookieless tracking, so you can continue to track your sales and shape your sales funnel

We Find out where your leads are actually coming from

Some gym owners think they know where their customers are originating from, but then are surprised to see that the lead didn’t originally find them on Facebook or Instagram. Most people will search online for the kind of gym or fitness class they want, and then check out the Facebook or Instagram page to see how active it is. From there they might fill in a contact form, or contact you directly.

Our Technology discovers every touch point and demographic for you, getting rid of the bad leads and building you a scalable funnel of leads. Working with your team to give you a robust membership.

Our Lead Services For Gyms Give Our Customers A Unique Competitive Advantage

Other gyms optimize their Google Ads based on form fills. If someone doesn’t turn up, they’re still down in Google as a form fill, and Google will continue to spend your budget on them as it’s the only measure of success it has to go on. But when you optimize for actual sales values, the non-converting leads are eliminated from your funnel as they produce a zero value.

They used our Machine Learning on Demand tool (MLoD), to remove the spend in the account that hasn’t driven any sales and reallocated it to where it was making revenue.

Once the sales value began dropping back into Google, they bid competitively using Bidding Genius making it more expensive for competing gyms that don’t have MloD. This necessitates their competitors to bid hard across everything, not just the traffic that converts to sales. In turn, this drives up their competitor’s costs and costs per lead, whilst simultaneously keeping SBG at the top of the rankings.

5) Dream Agilitiys PPC Services For Gyms - Case Study

We’ve helped customers all over the US and Europe increase their conversion rates and sales success. We work with our clients to improve the quality of their leads and remove time-wasters from their sales funnel.

We achieve outstanding results for the fitness industry using our machine learning tools on their paid search accounts. Our technology handles all of the hard stuff leaving you free to manage your existing members and other important aspects of your business.

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