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Are you throwing money away on Google Performance Max?

Are you throwing money away on Google Performance Max? Would you even know how to tell if you were?
We know so much more about it/ limitations/opportunities with every Performance Max set up we rework. Initially, we were getting 20% uplifts on Google’s recommended set up for Performance Max, now we’re getting 40% uplifts. Google’s recommendations are a one size fits all to try and get their tech to work for most people. Our reworked Performance Max setups are optimum for the businesses we work with.

We also have some tech which identifies underperforming products at a product ID level, (another one which is unique to us) which flags either that the pricing is wrong or it needs to come out into a traditional campaign to be managed manually so it doesn’t blow through the budget that would be better spent on products bringing in a higher return.

Don’t forget to check your Google Ads results against Analytics, as the tracking Google likes you to use for PMax double counts, so if you’re only looking at Adwords data you’re going to be in for a nasty shock when your figures don’t match up and you’re actually underperforming on ROAS!

PS we also offer a free audit, so if you want us to take a look, just give us a shout.

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