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Elizabeth Clark Discusses Apple’s Vision Pro On BBC Radio 4 – The World Tonight

The Vision Pro was launched tonight and Apple enthusiasts were not disappointed, we wondered what features could have been so long in the making and at a much higher price point than other devices on the market. It reminded me of the days, years ago,  when my daughter would stay up late to hear about the latest iPhone releases and all the new stuff that we couldn’t imagine you could pack on a phone.  I’ve used the same features on the iphone for years now, as my ten year old says “it just the camera they change, the rest is same old.”

Let’s unpack their shiny new head set! To start with it’s AR not VR, it has a clear screen and unlike the Meta Quest, which is a solid front, you can see where you’re going. It does look like a giant pair of ski goggles.  No more virtual rounds of golf in our house having to shout warnings of potential crash hazards. The battery is separate – just pop it in your pocket, presumably for heat reasons and to make it lighter, you can get  2hours out of the battery or you can wear it plugged in.  I can’t wait to see how heavy the  Vision Pro feels on and if it’s more comfortable that the Meta Quest.

Apple is supported by 30million developer network, unlike Meta, so the input they have and talent to develop on their platform is huge. And they’re not short of a bob or two, in fact they’re awash with cash, so why not develop something exceptional. The adjustors on the Meta Quest headset  are a pain to get right and the handsets are fiddly and are battery driven so you have to have a supply on hand. NO handsets here, it’s all a bit Mission Impossible, selecting things in mid air and swishing screens in and out.  If you’re a multi screen user, you’re going to love this. Hook it up to your mac, ipad and iphone and have them all Infront of you. Good bye tech neck, our heads will finally be at a more ergonomic angle.  Choose the intensity of your experience and have it all around you or your peripheral vision free. Best of all people can see your eyes so you can still interact with the room. Or if you want to me more immersive your visor will be more obscured.  Only $3500 and an US end of year launch, stand between you and getting your hands on this fabulous looking piece of kit.