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Killer AI Marketing strategy slays big names

In the last week 2 big names have had gyms fold. We are very sorry to hear that Hughes Grappling, a Checkmat affiliate based in Kalispell has closed. This is a worrying trend for the BJJ community after Kron Gracie’s Academy in Bozeman is also announced to close in the last week. Unlike many ‘industries’ where the closure of a perceived rival is a cause for celebration, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu irrespective of team affiliation, is a community where every gym can trace its origins back to a small group of individual families in Brazil. As we’ve said before, we take no pleasure in seeing another school in the Jiu Jitsu ecosystem close as there is plenty of room for everyone. Jiu Jitsu schools almost always offer far more to their members than any fitness classes or equipment laden exercise chains could ever muster. In Jiu Jitsu, there are many different flavours all seeking to give their members practical self defence skills, new bonds and trusted friendships, precious improvements in health and well-being and a new family of friends who socialise together, support each other and even strike business deals or even marriages meeting through their academy!

How have our Gym clients weathered the storm in the towns and cities where other big names have fallen? We have a relentless approach to lead generation to build the highest quality sales funnel, we work with the front desk to ensure that everyone has the most up to date information to act on. Instead of building a sales funnel based on form enquiries (like the rest of the sector does) we build ours based on actual sales. We want to deliver our Clients potential paying customers, not a stream of form enquiries to deal with.

By optimising wasted spend in their Google Ads account and using our Lead Gen AI to boost conversions we’re able to not acquire time wasters and focus on delivering quality leads who are more likely to convert. Keeping the sales team motivated to act on the leads as they know they’re hot is key, combined with keeping the competition off the top slots as they can’t beat the cumulative effect of our tech. It also sets a really high bar for new entrants into the sector, who by the time they’ve filled their gym with free trials, will be closing their doors quickly, especially now the cheap money has run out.

“When times are good you should do marketing, when times are bad you must do marketing!”

If you’re looking to improve the quality and output from your Lead Generation activities and are interested to see what our Lead AI would do with a free audit, please get in touch.