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Winning month for Dream Agility Clients, Seasalt and Anchor Pumps.

We have an 8 year history with Anchor Pumps, and it’s been amazing watching them grow as we grow and develop our technology around the solutions needed for selling technical products on Google Shopping.  It was no surprise to us when they won the PIA Pump Industry Awards 2024, Warren and Gary lead a great team and deserved the win as the leading online pump supplier in the UK. 


Seasalt have a strong sustainability ethos, with true green credentials, (unlike a lot of the green washers in the fashion sector), whilst others are pulling their horns in Seasalt have been expanding so successfully  in the UK and Overseas that other online brands like Sosandar are following suit, which can only benefit our high streets. They’ve been justly rewarded with the Drapers Sustainable Store Design award for their store in Auckland to add to their bulging trophy cabinet!