Free Feed Audit

Google Merchant centre feedback is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to qualifying the quality of data in your feed. A sea of Merchant green doesn’t mean that your data is perfect it’s simply telling you if you’re feed is compliant for submission. We’ve audited thousands of feeds over the years and have observed that 40% of the fields in practically every feed contains incorrect data. That’s a lot of missed opportunity! 

Does clean, relevant and well optimised data really make a difference?

We recently used our Visual AI to clean up and optimise the data on a $60m p.a. fashion house, creating a slew of new and highly relevant product attributes. We used these to drive the new and more relevant structures and optimised titles and descriptions. The ROAS doubled within 4 weeks.

Whats Included In A Free Feed Audit?

Why Do You Need A Feed Audit?

Feed Quality

We’ve audited thousands of feeds over the years and have observed that 40% of the fields in practically every feed contain incorrect data. That’s a lot of missed opportunity.

False Confidence

Google doesn’t use it’s visual AI to check that the product images you submit match the titles and descriptions. Filled with false confidence that your feed is good, its then pumped into your paid channels where it won’t perform as well as if it was correct.

Negative Impact

It’s your data that’s matched to the search queries, and if it’s not correct, or worded in a relevant manner, then your sales, ROAS and conversions will be negatively impacted.

Why You Should Use Dream Agility's Free Feed Audit Tool

Most feed audits will give you the same feedback as merchant centre, as they’re driven by the Google API. Our feed audit is more comprehensive as it’s driven by proprietary tech. We’ve been building, auditing and dynamically optimising feeds for paid search since 2013 when Google Shopping was first launched. We were the first feed technology that was built for ‘paid search first’ which is why our feed tech get better results. The largest feed we’ve managed has been 3.5million products.