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The fashion and footwear sectors have lots of problems when it comes to producing a high performing feed for Google Shopping. The requirement for attribute rich, search engine friendly data, conflicts with the website requirement for users to have interesting unique content, which positively reflects your brand. What impact could a better feed have? In an A/B test of 15k randomly sampled products with new titles compared to old titles, over the course of a month ROAS increased by 27.5% and sales by 8.5% on the new titles, this was on top of 115% increase in ROAS, 66% increase in revenue and 23% reduction in cost, achieved over 9 months on the optimised original feed. Find out what improvements could drive you more success.

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Our feed audit goes beyond the results you can get from Merchant Centre – which will often tell you everything is fine, but in our experience usually 40% of fields have errors (Googles validation check doesn’t check the data is correct – just that it is present). We’re the only feed audit using a fashion tech Visual AI to assess the potential of your feed for; growth opportunities, and relevance. How many more sales could you make with an attribute rich, relevant  feed? What’s stopping your feed from being more successful?

We recently used our Visual AI to clean up and optimise the data on a $60m p.a. fashion house, creating a slew of new and highly relevant product attributes. We used these to drive the new and more relevant structures and optimised titles and descriptions. The ROAS increased by 100% within 4 weeks.


Recently used to clean up and optimise the data on a $60m p.a. fashion house

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Why Do You Need A Feed Audit?


We’ve audited thousands of feeds, with millions of products and have observed that 40% of the fields in practically every feed contain incorrect data. That’s a lot of missed sales: for the product not showing for a relevant search, and returns: for showing the wrong info for a product.


False Confidence

Google doesn’t use it’s visual AI to check that the product images you submit match the titles and descriptions. Filled with false confidence that your feed is good, its then pumped into ALL your paid channels where it won’t perform as well as if it was correct.


Your data is matched to search queries, if it’s incorrect, or not worded in a relevant manner, then your sales, ROAS and conversions will be negatively impacted.

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Dream Agility Product Suite - Visual AI

Why You Should Use Dream Agility's Free Feed Audit Tool

Most feed audits will give you the same feedback as merchant centre, as they’re driven by the Google API. Our feed audit is more comprehensive as it’s driven by proprietary tech. We’ve been building, auditing and dynamically optimising feeds for paid search since 2013 when Google Shopping was first launched.

We’re the first feed technology that was built for ‘paid search first’ which, and the first to use Visual AI on our fashion and apparel clients, which is why our feed tech get superior results. The largest feed we’ve managed has been 3.5million products, the smallest is a few hundred.