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Reduce returns, cut Google Ad spend, and increase sales in Paid Search in 2023.

High levels of returns have proven a massive problem for e-tailers in 2022, decimating margins, while costs for everything from energy to manpower are going up faster than your Christmas waistline expansion. 

Post Christmas “Returns Tuesday” is estimated to have generated an eyewatering £1.2bn in returns, with items still stuck in the post to be returned on top of that.  Footing the bill for the returns is only the start of it, repatriating stock is expensive, then its potentially 30+ days old, possibly out of season and to add insult to injury you need to pay for it to be remarketed. The trend to return more items does not show signs of diminishing any time soon.

What’s the solution? There isn’t one answer for everyone, but we have a new product in beta which looks very promising for reducing the amount of returns you get from your paid search advertising!

Currently your Google ads/analytics data  shows gross sales and doesn’t take into consideration returns. But what if you could see that data in there? What would the possibilities be?!

By passing the value of the returned goods back into Google you’ll be able to use the same tools for optimising for increasing sales to optimise to reduce returns both at a customer and product/variant level.  Leaving more of your Google budget to be spent on customers and products which are less likely to be returned, thus increasing sales and ROAS and maintaining bottom line margin integrity.

We are currently opening up our beta for this Returns Radar Pro, if your returns rate is higher than you’d like it to be and you want to improve your sustainability and save the planet,  please contact us with your number of child level SKU’s and current monthly spend on Google and we’ll be in touch to explain the beta in more detail.