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If You’re looking for sector beating results in paid search, whether you are in Ecommerce, an Agency or in Lead Generation, we have a solution to suit your needs.

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Our Tools


Machine Learning Paid Search Tool (MLoD)


Machine learning tool that integrates with your paid search account and identifies the words that have never converted and predicts the words that will never convert

Bidding Tech Tool - Bidding Genius

Bidding Genius

The most advanced bidding tech powered by machine learning. Recommend bidding changes across multiple Google Ads dimensions at the touch of a button.

Visual AI

Visual AI

Create feature rich attributes, titles, and descriptions at ease. Upload your feed with your image URLS and our Visual AI will do the rest.

Lead Generation Tool (Lead AI

Lead AI

Track and identify which Ads are influencing your form fills and let your sales team catch the leads whilst they are hot with our automated alerts.

Feed optimisation Tool

Feed Optimiser

The Feed Optimiser is the port of call for all feed-related options on the Dream Agility platform. From feed generation through to importing, scheduling and optimising your existing feed

Always on

Always On

Interrogate all the fields in your google feed from titles, product IDs to custom labels and price. Make real time changes in merchant centre and add a second layer of optimisation at a product level.

Structure Builder

Structure builder

Our structure builder ensures the best structure of your data to get relevant products to show for searches to give visibility of good and poorly performing products. 

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