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An early adopter of our tech, since they started with us in 2017 they have enjoyed a 42% increase in ROAS and 303% increase in revenues, with sales and ROAS on an ever increasing upwards trajectory. They are the market leader in the UK and Europe in their space and stock all the key brands in the space.

Due to the challenges of marketing technical products on Google Shopping & Search – Google serves them for anything related to the text in the titles and descriptions, considering technical products have a lot of numeric specs in there, Google often shows something completely unrelated to the product the customer is trying to find.  Careful optimisation of the feed with our Dynamic Feed Mapper created a living document for how these products need to be optimised in order to get the correct product to show.

This client is on a traditional Google Shopping and Search campaign, which lets them benefit from massive numbers of negatives identified at a product level by our unrivalled  MloD tool.  This lets us bid aggressively, only on the search terms which work and not on all the irrelevant broadmatch searches that Google tries to show products for on Shopping. Despite Google having changed the access to the successful search terms, by ensuring the account is always heavily negatived for words that have never converted that we predict never will convert, we keep ROAS and conversions high.

Our clients’ competitors on Google Smart campaigns do not have this level of control and are at the mercy of Google for which products to show, this is particularly challenging for technical products for the reasons stated previously. Our approach ensures this client continues with strong, affordable growth at good profit margins.

Due to the structure of the account, thanks to our Structure Builder,  we’re able to use our Product Excluder to add a second layer feed optimisation at a product level ensuring words identified at a product level, which aren’t relevant at an Ad group or Campaign level,  are optimised in the titles and descriptions in our Always On. This approach has seen our client enjoy amazing growth and makes their paid search campaigns almost impossible to touch by their competitors.

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