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401% increase in revenue and 209% increase in conversion rate was achieved by this Financial Services client. They had previously been tracking form conversions but not customer sales values, using our Lead Gen AI service has transformed performance in record time in an increasing competitive market with sky high PPC rates. Our tech enabled them to track the actual sales values of customers without disclosing any personal identifiable or confidential information, and is GDPR and CCPA compliant.

By seeing what size and where the actual sales values were in the account, we were able to use MLoD to eliminate the zero converting and sub CPA converting words/leads . This was double crucial as we saw a massive hike in PPC rates at the end of 2020 with large global competitors – with extremely deep pockets – making the market super competitive. We were able to bid just as aggressively,  as by using our Bidding Genius we were only bidding where we saw the most success, and didn’t have to worry about wasted spend as MLoD was continually negativing that out of the account. If we only had conversion to use in MLoD we would still have seen an increase in sales and conversions but not as large as sales values let us achieve. You can see from the report below how MLoD, Lead AI and Bidding Genius used in combination drive exponential sales, conversion rates and conversions, year on year.

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