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This account is on a traditional google shopping campaign and benefits from massive negatives around the products as a result. What keeps this clients ROAS and Sales growing is the level of control a traditional shopping campaign gives over a Smart one. We can control not only the amount we can spend at a product level, but the location, device, hour, and day. Giving a 96% improvement in ROAS, 22% increase in revenue and a 37% decrease in cost from 2018 to 2020.

This account had been trading for a while so, as we see in all mature accounts, there was a significant amount of spend that had never led to a conversion and statistically would never convert. Once this waste was removed we saw a significant jump in ROAS and Sales in 2019, this growth continued in 2020. Costs dropped by nearly 6% in 2020, whilst sales rose by 13% and ROAS by 20%.

As we’ve seen with other traditional shopping campaigns with this set up, they increased search impression share and click share. As the account is so heavily negatived we can bid really hard on the terms which work using Bidding Genius. Their competitors don’t have this luxury as they’re also bidding on the 10-30% of spend on words in the account that they can’t identify as never having converted and with no predictive likelihood of them ever converting. So, to compete with our level of aggression on bidding they’re having to sacrifice their ROAS.

This client also has high value offline sales with Lead Gen AI. Historically they had not been tracking these sales conversion values back to the advertising source, which runs the risk of negativing words that could be delivering high value sales, but as there’s no conversion or conversion value against them, the look like they’re not performing. By giving every customer a unique ID we’re able to take offline sales and pass them back to Google/Bing, improving the performance of paid Shopping/search and contributing to the ROAS increase.

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