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We acquired this client due to the complex needs for optimising their product feed and the fact we were the only people who had a paid search first Feed Optimiser that was capable of doing it. The feed was so large and the structure of the campaigns so crowded that it wasn’t performing and was impossible to optimise. We have increased the ROAS by 98%, revenues by 784% and average order value by 938% since taking over this account.

The first priority was the feed to get it into a state where Google would serve relevant products for the search queries. Categories, Brands and Product types all required different types of optimisation, the products in the feed changed frequently which adds a layer of complexity. At the time, the largest retailer of consumer goods in the UK had the problem of having 10% of their stock not appearing on Google at any one time due to price discrepancies in the feed and on the website – which stops products from serving and will eventually get you banned. This client had the same problem which we were able to overcome ensuring that 100% of the stock was available to serve at all times.

The revenues and ROAs grew from the start, but you can see Google causing the ROAS to decay in 2018 with the challenges they have serving relevant technical products. At the end of 2018 we implemented MLoD on the account which removes/negatives words in the account that have never converted and statistically will never convert. This had a big impact on this account as there was a lot of historical data in it and large amounts of hidden waste and sales and ROAS started to increase again.  These guys were one of the beneficiaries of the lock down and saw sales soar, MLoD was a key contingent in being able to capitalise on this, in one month it identified £65k of words to be negatived, this kept the ROAS up and sales high, without it lockdown would have been a very different picture. This, combined with Bidding Genius, allowed us to pull all the levers on Shopping and Search to deliver a truly record breaking year and make them the market leaders in their sector.

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