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We’re very proud of the growth of all our clients but this one is particularly important to us. They were an early adopter of our tech and have been on the journey with us as we both expanded our businesses. They’ve grown their revenues by 1195% and ROAS by 282% since they started with Google Shopping and Search with us. 2020 saw them turnover in one month what they turned over in the entire previous year.

This account is set up on a traditional shopping & search campaigns. We delivered a 166% increase in ROAS in the first year we managed the account, this was built on in 2018 when they were one of the first clients to have MLoD running on their account, negativing hidden words in the account which had never converted historically and were likely never to convert. This gave a 135% improvement in ROAS. The ROAS grew steadily, year on year, allowing us to maximise the sales for the budget. However, in lockdown 2020, where physical garden centre stores were closed the online retailers really came into their own, we sacrificed higher ROAS growth for new client acquisition and sales. The traditional shopping set up gave us the full gamut of levers to pull using our Bidding Genius in terms of product optimisation, device, etc. We’re delighted to report that this year has seen the business maintain its new higher levels of spend, sales and an excellent ROAS.

Ad spend has grown for this client from £2k per month initially to £13k per month currently.

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