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This fast fashion account was on Smart on Google Shopping with regular search accounts. The disruption to business continuity would be considerable to move it back onto a regular shopping campaign so the decision was taken to try and optimise the Smart campaign better. The Product Feed had a lot of opportunity in it, as per most of the feed we see Google Merchant Centre gave it a bill of clean health, however it was full of thousands of errors and omissions. We used our Visual AI to identify new attributes for each product to enrich the feed and make it more relevant to searches. We also used these attributes to enhance the custom labels and created a whole new structure. In the meanwhile, we blasted through the Search account with MLoD to negative words from the campaigns that had never converted in the life time of the account and that statistically we predicted would never convert.

Ad spend dropped by 30% in the first 2 weeks, ROAS doubled in the next 2 weeks where the impact of improving the quality of the feed and restructuring in the shopping account took effect. The effects of the changes can really be seen in March’21 where you got a big bang on conversion/ROAS from ‘cleaning’ the Search account with MloD with ROAS across the board improving by 187% and 146% increase in revenue with a 14% decrease in ad spend. Since then, the account has maintained 100% increase in ROAS and on average 100% increase in sales, working within the budget parameters we’ve been set. The Google Shopping campaigns have been broken out onto a hybrid Smart / Traditional Shopping to give us greater control of the performance of some of the products. The broken out products are performing at 300% higher sales.

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