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A major global OEM, this consumer electronics giant specifically asked for our technology to assist with issues they were having with their feed, which they couldn’t resolve internally, nor could their agency.

Having optimised the feed to remove superfluous words in the titles and descriptions which cause the products to trigger for irrelevant searches and drive up costs, we also restructured the shopping account with the aim of ensuring the appropriate products showed for the right searches.

Initially the account had a CPA which was 250% above the target, which the client was unhappy about. The new feed and structures gradually had a positive impact on this. Hitting the target CPA by month 3. However it was when we applied MLoD to the account that it really started to out perform.

MloD removes keywords and search terms that have never, and will never convert. There is far more waste in an account than there are conversions, so it’s possible to attack them with a much higher degree of confidence and risk in order to bring about significant positive change to ROAS and sales. This was seen instantly as the CPA target was smashed with a 95% reduction in CPA and we were eventually running at 82% less than CPA target

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